[Go Make Things] How To Clear All Of The Fields In A Form With Vanilla JS

Once the form is successfully submitted, there’s a good chance you’ll want to clear all of the fields in the form.

Fortunately, vanilla JS has a handy little method for doing just that: HTMLFormElement.reset().

document.addEventListener('submit', function (event) {

// Prevent default form submit

// Clear the form fields
// event.target is the thing that triggered the event, in this case, the form


The HTMLFormElement.reset() method resets all fields in a form back to their default values. This means that if you had a specified value property on a field, and the user changed it, it would revert to the original instead of emptying completely.

Here’s a demo.

The HTMLFormElement.reset() method works in all modern browsers, and IE9 and above.

You would like - how to disable a form when submitting it with Ajax or an API.

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