How To Make Imgur Api Work On Localhost Using Php

Imgur image not showing on localhost If you ever tried working on imgur API with PHP and you have been getting "undefined error" and you don't know how to figure it out like me?

Strangely, imgur is restricting to access the image directly from localhost. However if you access your localhost using IP address, you are able to see the image.


1. http://localhost/site (not allowed)

2. http:// (allowed)

This is not only for this image, but also any imgur image.

For me it was which was working and localhost was not working. They block 1localhost origin for some reason and This isn't really a solution to your live-server issue however.

So if all you are interested in is figuring out how it looks and making adjustments I suggest just using preview on web server extension.

Welcome to Nairaland Script - Download from here

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